Brisbane: Myofascial Release and Mobilising for the Upper Extremity, TMJ and Upper Cervical Spine

The much deserved increase in research into fasciae, especially in the field of moleluclar biology, might have led to a dimished interest in the muscles which seem to have become a little bit boring perhaps!  Most myofascial classes focus on the fascia but the term myofascia includes myo, or muscle, and it is very helpful to know how MFR approaches can alter muscle tone. This two day workshop will focus on “talking to the gamma nervous system”. A significant portion of the class will be on understanding the relationship between the application of MFR and the way this affects the nervous system particular the balance or imbalance between the gamma and alpha activation of the muscles. The gamma system is often referred to as being invisible as it operates out of the level of conscious control. However, through a coordination of MFR, mindful client movement , perceptual change and verbal coaching it’s possible to directly address the tone of the gamma system which in turn changes the muscle tone, often significantly. 

The regions of the body we will work with are the arms, TMJ and related fasciae, and upper cervical spine. The approach will be very similar to all of my MFR work but there will some background neuroanatomy intoduced to help deepen the student's understanding of what is happening to the neuromuscular processes under their hands as they work. There will be time to extend these approaches to other areas of the body based on student interest.

This as an ATMS course presented by Michael Stanborough. It is open to members of other associations. The price shown here is for non-members. PLEASE NOTE: Registration is only with ATMS

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Course Details

Course date 19-05-2018 9:30 am
Course end date 20-05-2018 4:30 pm
Course Fee AUD $340.00
AUD $340.00
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