Melbourne: MFR and mobilising for Ribs, Respiration and Spine

Melbourne: MFR and mobilising for Ribs, Respiration and Spine

Cervical bony picture copyMyofascial Release: Ribs, Respiration & Spine
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This class will enable participants to respond more precisely and efficiently to myofascial tightness throughout the thoracic and lumbar regions with an emphasis on addressing the deeper layers. In addition to these myofascial techniques there will be detailed assessment and correction of facet joint fixations and sacral torsions. In this class you will study:

MFR 2a• MFR to the ribcage to restore normal breathing and reduce stiffness throughout the trunk
• Assessment of scoliosis and how to treat it using MFR
• How the facet joints get "stuck" and how to use low force mobilising methods to release these fixations
• How to utilise active client movement to engage the nervous system during MFR
• plus..over 20 practical and useful techniques that will make your clinical work more effective  

 To register please call MIMT at (03) 9455 1926

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Course Details

Course date 02-07-2022 9:00 am
Course end date 03-07-2022 5:00 pm
Registration Start Date 28-04-2022
Available place 20
Course Fee AUD $495.00
72 Chippewa Avenue, Donvale
AUD $495.00 20
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