Melbourne: Myofascial Release and Mobilising for the Upper Body

This two day workshop will include both myofascial and low-force joint mobilising techniques for the upper body. A number of MFR approaches for the trunk - anterior, lateral and posterior - will be shown as well as detailed MFR approaches to the cervical spine and shoulder girdle. There will be an introduction to the frequent clinical presentations of “butt, chest and back grippers” and how to work most effectively to release these sub-optimal myofascial restrictions. A number of low force approaches to improving the mobility of the cervical facet joints will be shown.

This as an ATMS course presented by Michael Stanborough. It is open to members of other associations. The price shown here is for non-members. Registration is with ATMS

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Course Details

Course date 02-06-2018 9:30 am
Course end date 03-06-2018 4:30 pm
Course Fee AUD $340.00
AUD $340.00
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