Alice Springs: TMJ, Deep Cervical and Upper Extremities - August 20, 21

Alice Springs: TMJ, Deep Cervical and Upper Extremities - August 20, 21

Myofascial Release: Upper Extremities, TMJ and Deep Cervical Myofasciae



This class enables participants to respond to a broad range of restrictions in the soft tissues of the cervical spine, TMJ & upper extremities. Particular emphasis is given to the deep myofasciae and facet joints of the neck. Detailed attention is also given to the intra-oral soft-tissues as a way of normalizing TMJ function. This can result in a reduction or elimination of bruxism, some headaches and cervical stiffness. You will also learn low force and effective mobilisations for the cervical facet joints as well as the gleno humeral joint. As in all my classes the focus is on learning via extensive student exchange

You will:

    • Greatly enhance your ability to resolve stiff and painful necks
   • Become confident in assessing and correcting restrictions in the cervial facet joints
   • Deepen your ability to treat TMJ dysfunctions such as malocclusion, grinding and joint popping
   • Learn a series of MFR techniques for the arms that can eliminate or greatly reduce stiffnes associated with many repetitive strain conditions


Techniques for:

     • Medial & Lateral Ptyregoids
    • Fasciae of Maxillae
    • Digastric Muscle
    • Brachial Fascia
    • Interosseus Membrane - Lower Arm
    • Cervical facet joints
    • C7 on T1 mobility
    • Deep Anterior Cervical Muscles
    • Deep Posterior Muscles
     AND More

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) have been granted for this class by:

  • AAMT - 20 CEUs
  • AMT (5 CEUs per hour of attendance)
  • The California Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
  • ARM
  • The Rolf Institute
  • Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners

Course Details

Course date 20-08-2022 9:00 am
Course end date 21-08-2022 5:00 pm
Registration Start Date 08-05-2022
Available place 12
Course Fee AUD $455.00
Alice Springs
Alice Springs, NT
Alice Springs
AUD $455.00 12
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