Structural Integration: An Introduction (Sydney)

Michael will cover:

1. How is integration different from correction? How are they related?

2. Getting beyond “Straight” – how integration is more much complex than simply lengthening “short lines”.

3. Fascia – how working with it creates physiological integration and is the window through which we jump into the all important nervous system

4. Muscles – tone is important! How is tone set and how can we alter it?

5. Structural types – in this class we will look at two types - flexor and extensor - and the signature strains of each type

6. A sequence of techniques to address the unique patterns of tension in each one


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Course Details

Course date 25-06-2022 9:00 am
Course end date 26-06-2022 5:00 pm
Course Fee AUD $210.00
AUD $210.00
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