Mobilising the Knee: DVD

Mobilsing the Knee
AUD $39.95

At the conclusion of watching this DVD you will be able to do motion tests on the knee that reveal underlying restrictions within the joint itself and then restore normal motion via easy-to-learn mobilising techniques. Often the absence of normal motion is not associated with pain and thus it is not noticed by the patient. We can do the tests quickly and easily when we are presented with:

  • tight hamstrings

  • chronic SIJ instabilty (can be a function of poor feed-forward from the ankle and or knee)

  • a history of ankle injury, pain and stiffness

  • interruption to normal gait via immobility (casts, boots, guarding against pain from whatever source).

One of the keys to the appproaches shown here is that the tests and mobilisations are easily integrated into any soft tissue treatment.

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