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MICHAEL STANBOROUGH 1428989352Michael Stanborough, M.A. (Communication Theory, Victoria University), is the director of the Stanborough Educational Group. He has practiced Structural Integration (Rolfing®) for the past 30 years and was a full instructor at the Rolf® Institute in Boulder, Colorado. He was the first Australian to be certified to teach by the Rolf® Institute. He now teaches Structural Integration within his own school, SI Australia.


He has over 2,000 hours of training in soft-tissue therapy and is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain Healing Arts Institute in Boulder, Colorado, Norwich University, Vermont and the Rolf® Institute, Boulder. He has a Masters Degree in Communication from Victoria University, a Graduate Diploma in Education (La Trobe University) and a Certificate IV in Training and Education. His own teachers include Louis Schultz, Ph.D., Michael Shea, Ph.D. and Janis Davis, M.D.

Teaching Experience

He has taught Myofascial Release at the University of Alabama Physical Therapy Department, Jersey City State College, Shriner’s Hospital in Houston, Childhood Development Center, Fort Worth, for the Korean Musculoskeletal Medicine Group and scores of other schools, hospitals and clinics in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Ethiopia. Michael has been a full instructor of Rolfing for the Rolf Institute and is currently teaching Structural Integration for SI Australia.

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Conference Presentations

Conference presentations include the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre Soft Tissue Injury Forum (1997), the New Zealand Alliance of Massage Professionals Annual Conference ( Wellington , 2001 and 2006) and the AAMT Annual Conference, 2005.

Michael has practiced and taught body therapies for over 35 years. His classes have a reputation for being well planned and presenting innovative material in a lively, fun manner.