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Hi. My interest in Structural Integration grew out of my personal experience of receiving the work, all the way back in 1980, while I was a student at the Boulder School of Massage in Colorado. I found the method wonderfully intense and penetrating with an immediate effect on my posture and a reduction in my stress. After just a few sessions I was standing taller and sleeping better. It also resolved issues I had been having with my knees from a series of skiing and surfing accidents, an ongoing concern that no other therapy had been successful with. So at this point I was quite impressed and became determined to train at the Rolf Institute as soon as I had completed my 1000 hours of massage training. Now, 36 years later, I'm still passionate about the unique ability of Structural Integration to affect changes in posture and stress reduction in a way that no other therapy can do. And I've tried most of them as have many of my patients.

 So what is Structural Integration (Rolfing®)?

Structrual Integration is a method for balancing the body in gravity by progressively freeing the body from life long patterns of strain that have resulted in inadequate posture, poor breathing, stiff movement and tight muscles. It takes place over ten sessions, spaced from a week to four weeks apart. At the conclusion of the series there is a reduction or elimination of pain, an improved appearance via better posture and reduced stress, increases in energy and a fuller sense of purpose. People report that Structural Integration affects many areas of their life, not just their body. Mental calmness and clarity are also associated with the Structural Integration process.

“There is one major reason to take Rolfing seriously: it works. Not only can it dramatically change people's bodies, it can transform their lives as well. Rolfing is powerful stuff."  - Larry Dossey, M.D., Director Dallas General Hospital

Research has demonstrated that Structural Integration creates a more efficient use of the muscles, allows the body to conserve energy, and creates more economical and refined patterns of movement. Research also shows that Structural Integration significantly reduces chronic stress and changes in the body structure. For example, a study showed that SI significantly reduced the spinal curvature of subjects with lordosis (sway back); it also showed that Structural Integration enhances neurological functioning.

FarrahFrom my clinic: a typical change, from a "posture of anxiety"
to a more open and spacious body. Symptoms of imbalance
included jaw clenching, headaches and shortness of breath.
Also typical: a change in height of about 2.5cm as a result of
significant decompression in the trunk and neck.


“I've been a concert pianist for over 35 years. Michael's work has made it possible for me to maintain my body so I can do the long hours of practice that are needed to be a world class performer. I love his work!"  - Dr Elyane Laussade

The cost: $145 per treatment

Duration: First treatment 1.5 hours, 1.25 thereafter

Contact: Michael Stanborough, (03) 8802 4345

Location: Donvale