I'm pleased that you're considering joining us for the exciting journey into the visionary work of Dr Rolf. The overwhelming majoirty of people who train in Structural Integration stay in the profession for decades, finding the work offers many fascinating avenues to explore and develop. Graduation from this program opens many stimulating continuing education options through the Rolf Institute, IASI, The Guild for Structural Integration, Kinesis and other leading educators in the field of SI.


You must receive at least three sessions of Structural Integrtion prior to the class. This can be from a graduate of the SI Australia program, a Certified Rolfer, Hellerworker etc - any practitioner who is a graduate of an IASI certified program..

Cert IV or Diploma of Remedial Massage or relevant degree. This must include a minimum of 100 hours of anatomy/physiology/kinesiology. Copies of transcripts to be provided with your application form.

Completed at least one MFR class with Michael Stanborough, Sam Kan (Singapore) or Rob Marshall (Brisbane)

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While we work on getting editable PDF forms enabled that you can fill out and send back to us electronically, please print this out, scan the completed form and emai it to us. Sending it via surface mail is also an option.

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Reading List

To help you get started in your preparation please read the required material. These readings will establish a good overview of what is involved in the Structural Integration process. These required texts look at SI from a variety of important viewpoints: philosophical; theoretical; and from a neurophysiological perspective. They are designed to enhance the understanding that SI is a deep enquiry into the human potential for higher order function. 

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Payment Plan

We wish that there was a student loan to offer you but we are not set up to do this. Instead, we offer a plan that allows you to pay for each module as you go. These payments have to be made as an Electronic Funds Transfer at least 5 days prior to the start of the module. While we can accept MasterCard and Visa, there is a 1.8% surchage for this service. There is a $600 deposit required one month prior to the commencement of the class. Withdrawing from the class for any reason prior to its commencement will result in full withholding of this deposit


You might want to see the hour-by-hour breakdown of the class. You can download the syllabus here. (Please be aware that there are aspects of this that will change prior to the start of the class).

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A significant component of the class is the completion of an assignment. You can download the questions here

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